Media projects Fall 2008 – Spring 2009

Media projects developed in LAP 130 – Leading Edge Educational Technology – Fall 2008 and Spring 2009:
Spring 2009
Samantha Armitage – Many Faces of Sarah
Samantha Beatty – Australia ’08
Paula Bailey – ECSU
Rachel Betz – ECSU Montage
Kristen Desroisiers – Out West Experience
Jillian Dymek – Burr Hall Montage
Chelsea Jones – Plymouth, MA
Heather Lepper – Face of Sam
Molly Mandeville – The Hill Section
Kaitlan McCue – Willimantic, CT
Ian McGlynn – Willimantic Montage
Marissa McKirdy – Brighton Beach
Kevin Pearson – Photography Portfolio
Jasmine Stakley – I rep these people to the fullest!
Christina Vann – TNE PA Stepshow Showcase
Amanda Wishart – Sanibel Island
Fall 2008
David Albano – ECSU pics
Maria Altieri – ECSU Division III Sports
Jennifer Andreo – The Community of ECSU 
Ashley Cichy – Residential Life at Eastern
Curtis Darragh – Eastern

  Michelle BaBrecque – Willimantic Dining

Brittney Morey – Montage of Eastern
Gary Oatley – Montage of Eastern’s campus –
Michael Pena – Winter and Spring Sports ECSU


 Khrystyna Stefak – Eastern Connecticut State University Campus
David Stoloff – Willimantic, USA
Jacob van Duyn – Eastern Connecticut Academic
Yung Yu – Eastern Campus
Video Projects
Spring 2009
Class project – Eastern’s Liberal Education Electronic Portfolio
The Adventure of ePortfolio
developed by Kristen Desrosiers, Sara Lion-Egan, Marissa McKirdy, Jamine Stakely
Fall 2008
ECSU Police Project – Michelle Geraci, Christopher Huhtala,
Commuting to Eastern – Yung Yu
ECSU Whats your favorite – David Albano and John Maljevic

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