LA Goals

Liberal Arts Goals

(Click on the links for indices of documents supporting my professional development in the goals of the liberal arts goals:

“Goals for Student Success

A. Student Learning Outcomes

ECSU’s liberal arts core curriculum, major programs, campus culture and environment are designed to help students develop the self-disciplined habits of mind, and the knowledge and

skills that allow them to successfully meet the challenges of everyday life.

Our goal is to enable students to:

a. productively engage in multiple modes of thinking;

b. examine, organize, and synthesize information in ways appropriate to a variety of contexts;

c. communicate effectively orally, visually and in writing;

d. use scientific methods and concepts and quantitative skills to solve problems and make informed decisions;

e. understand how a person’s culture influences his/her view of the world;

f. act in an informed and ethical manner in our global society;

g. understand the human condition from an historical context; and

h. foster curiosity and a passion for learning. (Liberal Arts Core Curriculum 2006)”


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