LAIT 041211

Please comment, correct, and revise these notes.  I would like to share them with a wider audience on Friday afternoon.
The Liberal Arts IMPLEMENTATION TEAM (LAIT) welcomed Nancy Tarkmeel, who is now serving as the Assistant Dean in the School of Education and Professional Studies/Graduate Division.  Nancy spoke about some of her duties, which include advising students in the pre-nursing program.  Nancy advises students here at Eastern CSU to prepare with pre-requisites and apply to the post-bac programs at Southern CSU and UCONN.  The Southern program also offers a BSN.
Discussion of shortage areas in LIberal Arts course offerings for Fall 2011.  Shortages remain in T2CE, T2CP, and T2NS.  There were explanations for apparent shortages in T1Q – sections are being developed – and T3 – the data includes all students, not necessarily upper-class students only.  Departmental pressures to serve increasing numbers of majors before the seats needed for the liberal arts courses and the new policy to waive the lab science course for transfer students should be further followed to see how enrollment patterns may change. 
Nanette reported on the Liberal Arts Program Committee’s progress in granting approval for provisional Tier III courses.  The LAPC has approved a few courses that fulfill LACC shortage areas recently. 
Marty mentioned that he will be beginning to recruit faculty members for the new course – FYI 100 – for Fall 2012. 
There was a discussion on the effect of the dismissal process on enrollment in LACC courses.  There was little dismissal going into SP 2011 but there may be a larger number of dismissed students at the end of the SP 2011 semester.  Also the declining number of first-year students and increases with transfer students may also affect LACC enrollment.   There has also been some review of course enrollment capacities and placements in specific classrooms to maximize the use of space.  There was also a discussion on the placement process of students into MAT 100P and ENG 100P and its effects on enrollment. 
The next meeting is planned for Tuesday, April 26, 11 am – 12 noon, in LIB 402A.


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