expanding horizons Fall 2010

Here is a list of student “expanding horizons” reports, the Fall 2010 version of the experiential transcript.  Click on the numbers and you should be able to see some examples of these reports. 

Analyses of Experiential Transcripts Fall 2010
Student’s major Fall 2010 # of reports/records hyperlinked to students websites goals of experiences according to student
  click on # to access assignments in FYR 174
  websites expanding horizon reports
    student’s goals/learning: sample of quotes
Math 10 career explorations enhanced by campus presentations
Undeclared 6 learning about aspirations of other students in her community
History 3 making friends
Undeclared 5 recreation, entertainment
Undeclared 5 learning about community
Spanish 5 “strengthens my relationship between Eastern Connecticut State University and the surrounding community”
Sociology 5 learning about resources to bring more fun into teaching
Undeclared  5 “this school does have life and spirit on campus.”
Social Work 5 Sylveen String Quartet – “Alone we can do well but together we do great.”
Undeclared 5 “The Gilded Age … was educational to me and I was able to learn a little while watching my roommate in the play.  I enjoy learning in ways other than lectures.  I learned from other students and a story line instead of from a teacher in a classroom like usual.” 
Visual Arts 4 “This [event] made me more excited to be a teacher because I was around other college students that
wanted to be just like me.”
Undeclared 1 “This event gave me a bigger friend base and allowed me to meet new people I hadn’t meet yet.”
Undeclared 5 “I was able to learn that one of the best ways to express your feelings and emotions is through poetry.”
Mathematics 5 “This event helped me realize that college pole vaulting is not much different from high school.”
Accounting 5 “The value that added this to my education is not to forget those people who are in need of help.”
Undeclared 5 “I am now more culturally aware about other countries than I was before.”
Business Administration 5 “This event was valuable to experience because I was able to learn that it is important to engage children of all ages no matter what you are doing with them.”
History 5 “I learned about the process of how important rules are when you break them.”
Psychology 5 “I also was able to see similarities between South African song and dance and popular song and dance in this country.”
Mathematics 5 “Practice teaches me how to be responsible.”
Accounting 5 “This event showed that CAB can put together great events for the students at Eastern and although it didn’t affect my education it makes me happy that they put on these events for students.”
Psychology 5 “This event taught me about my life and not to take anything for granted because I saw how hard life was for other people.”

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