CSU Assessment Conference 2011


April 29, 2011, Western Connecticut State University


Dr. David L. Stoloff, Dr. Doncho I. Petkov and Mr. Martin Seymour 
Electronic Portfolios using wordpress and Microsoft Live’s SkyDrive to assess the Liberal Arts

During academic year 2010-2011, faculty members, staff, and students at Eastern CSU from ten academic departments – Education, Business Administration, Communication, English, Environmental Earth Science, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Sociology, and Visual Arts – and Housing explored the applications of live@edu and wordpress.com for student self-assessment, academic advisement, document storage and organization, and course and program assessment.  Lessons learned were used in the ongoing planning for an ePortfolio system that might be widely used as part of Eastern liberal education program and as a student and program assessment system.  Challenges included online platform changes, privacy concerns, and teaching computer applications.

Instructive websites –

https://stolofd.wordpress.com/  – This blog features a menu for a template for an undergraduate ePortfolio that would used to display a student’s Eastern experience.  This ePorfolio website also has links to related blogs.  

Professor Martin Seymour from the Communication Department has developed online modules on developing one’s ePortfolio using WordPress at http://seym3stu.wordpress.com/getting-started/ .

The template for those in the MS in Educational Technology program may be found at


An evolving blog on international connections in Education may be found at


Notes on our colloquium in World Religions may be found at

http://worldreligionecsu.wordpress.com/ .

My recent writings may be found at


Dr. David Stoloff – please email stoloffd@easternct.edu if you have any questions.


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