Best Eastern ePortfolios 2011

  Best Eastern ePortfolios 2011 – Wednesday, May 4, 2 – 4 pm, LIB 436  
Participants  ePortfolio homepages   
Amanda Weikel Best Eastern ePortfolio 2011  –  
Hallie Faulkenberry  Award for Best Academic Plan –  
Angela Carcio Award for Best Reflection –  
Melissa Nosal Best Design –   
Matthew Cosma Best Application –  
Angela DiLella Honorable Mention –  
  Other ePortfolios developed but not presented in the showcase due to scheduling conflicts.  
Kelly LeBlanc   
A.J. Tallo   
Niketa Mehta   
Matthew Brion  
Samantha Marsar   
Ashley Macklin  
Jess Ristow  
  Other ePortfolios developed but considered works in progress by authors.  
Lauren Hopper    
Melissa Downs  
Natasha Hernandez   
Madelyn Regan   
Monique Marcantonio  
Megan Sniffin  
Christina Mazzatti  
Annemarie Smith  
Olivia Muscarella  
Chelsea Bartley  
Rebecca Widzicki  
Lauren Hopper    
Matt Abbatomarco  
Alanna Graff   
Michael Holland  
Solana Cofield-Rivera    
Chelsea McNamara  
Abbie Beckoff  
Megan Sherrick   
Katie Levis    
Nicole Woodcock   
Ashley Pine   
Amy Huhn  
Jessica Somero   


Members of the Best Eastern ePortfolio 2011 Showcase Jury:

Kenneth M. Briggs. Assistant to the Director of Financial Aid,

Sharon L. Butler, Visual Arts Professor,

Walter Diaz, Dean of Students,

Rhona  Free, Vice-President, Academic Affairs,

Brian Lashley, Director, Institutional Research,

David Oyanadel, Information Technology Services,

Joseph Tolisano, Chief Information Office,

Nanette Tummers,  Health & Physical Education Professor,

Carol J. Williams, Associate Dean, Continuing Education


Other faculty members and the students in their classes developed electronic portfolios, including Dr. Doncho Petkov for the Business Administration department, whose (four) students in BIS 370 Systems Analysis and Design, spring 2011 and (three) students in LAC 130 Holistic Crisis Management, spring 2011 also explored ePortfolios.


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