Guide to related blogs

This homepage would be used as a blogsite for occasional postings and announcements about this ePortfolio.

This blog features a menu for a template for an undergraduate ePortfolio that would used to display a student’s Eastern experience.  This ePorfolio website also has links to related blogs.

For a powerpoint presentation that we are using in Fall 2011 to introduce students and faculty to developing ePortfolios, click here E-Portfolio 0811.

Professor Martin Seymour from the Communication Department has developed online modules on developing one’s ePortfolio using WordPress at .

In Spring 2011, Abbie Beckoff, a first-year student then, developed this introducing powerpoint on the skydrive and connecting files to an ePortfolio in word press at

A presentation that includes a discussion of file security may be viewed here by clicking on
ePortfolio dev 0711

The template for those in the MS in Educational Technology program may be found at

An evolving blog on international connections in Education may be found at

The website for the Summer Institute for Future Teachers @ Eastern Connecticut State University, July 2011, may be found at

Notes on our colloquium in World Religions may be found at .

My recent writings may be found at

Dr. David Stoloff

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