ePortfolio Community Meeting – Nov. 16, 2010


DRAFT notes from the ePortfolio Community Meeting

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 – Hurley Hall, President’s Dining Room – 12 noon to 2:00 pm

We had some guests from Rhode Island College, who heard about our initiative form one of the NEASC visitors.

“Scott Badger, our primary trainer for Blackboard and MS Office support.  Scott has worked with SharePoint and has a Windows Live account.   Ryan Hanley, a staff trainer who supports Blackboard and Chalk & Wire, the assessment/portfolio application used by the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development at RIC.  Ryan is a recent grad and he is very comfortable with social media.”  – introduced by Pat Hays, Director of User Support Services, Rhode Island College

Present – David Stoloff (recorder), Doncho Petkov, Jack Jolls, Weiping Liu, Nancy Wynn, David Oyanadel, Martin Seymour, Suzanne Dowling, Amilcah Gomes, Nanette Tummers, Helen Marx, Sudha Swaminathan, Linda Hotkowski (media support), Ryan Hanley and Scott Badger, Rhode Island College guests

Items discussed

1)   Challenges implementing ePortfolios using https://outlook.com/ and wordpress.com  during Fall 2010;  review of Martin Seymour’s getting started using wordpress.com website

2)   Current examples of students’  ePortfolios SP 2010  and Martin Seymour’s  sections Fall 2010

3)   Discussion of a potential December 2010 showcase on ePortfolios in Martin Semour’s class –  to be further planned as a pilot assessment project

4)   Holding a formal exhibition of ePortfolios in SP 2011 – probably in May – using a  revised form of the AAC&U’s rubric and offering 6 prizes – Best Eastern ePortfolio 2011 for $250 – bookstore supplies – and five prizes of $150 for best in Connects to Experience, Connects to Discipline, Transfer, Integrated Communication, and Reflection and Self-Assessment. 

5)   Martin Seymour’s  sections Fall 2010 has a good number of ePortfolios to view.  Martin would showcase particularly two ePortfolios  found at http://weikela.wordpress.com and at http://ecsusmithjenn.wordpress.com as examples of models for student ePortfolios.

In David Stoloff’s Tier I and II courses, there may be other ePortfolios that might be showcased in December 2010. Amilcah Gomes might also have some first-year students who might participate in a showcase in December.

6)   Assessment planning – Further developing a rubric for ePortfolio assessment – SP 2010’s rubric, AAC&U VALUE rubrics,  potential rubric – Integrative and Applied Learning VALUE Rubric, Tier III course rubric – more discussion is needed in developing a rubric that might be used for the SP 2011 competition.

The session ended about 1:30 pm with plans to organize a pilot assessment/showcase at the end of the Fall 2010 semester, encouragement that RIC and Eastern might collaborate more on projects in educational technology, and thanks to Martin Seymour for all of his enthusiasm and pioneering work with his students on developing the path for the best Eastern ePortfolios. Thanks to Scott and Ryan for coming to visit and sharing their expertise. 

Please contact David Stoloff at stoloffd@easternct.edu if you have any questions on these notes.

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