Center for Educational Excellence (CEE) community meeting – 10/26/10

Center for Educational Excellence

Sponsored by Center for Educational Excellence

“Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning”

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

“CEE Community Meeting” 

David Stoloff, Director

An open meeting to discuss the goals of the Center for Educational Excellence and to gather ideas on enhancing its effectiveness.  Here are some topics for discussion:

  • Presentations for Fall 2010 – what topics should we add?
  • How might the CEE better serve the professional development needs of the Eastern community?
  • How might the CEE better serve in the retention and graduation of students?
  • Please send other topics for discussion.

Present:   Carol, Nancy, Kim, Mitzi, Dale, Nanette, Doncho

Nancy led a discussion on electronic portfolios – mostly industry-specific, but a good way for self-reflection and self-promotion.

Kim suggested that Lynn Frazier of Windham High School might be a good resources on urban education.  Perhaps she might contact Hari Koirala, Ed Dept chair, to further connect to the university.   Nancy asked about faculty reception to outside speakers and external speakers’ bureau.  Encouraging outside speakers to contact David about presentations sponsored by the CEE.

Dale shared a list of over 30 events/presentations sponsored by the CEE during the Fall 2010 semester.

Support of strategic initiative leaders to promote their projects. The CCE/CEE are promoting the 11/5/10 service-learning conference in West Hartford.  Discussions of strategic initiatives.  Issue of Poverty conference on 10/29/10.  Perhaps having a session on service-learning and the CCE to expand participation.  In the Spring, there is the service expo to showcase community-service-learning experiences.  Reflection session for long-term volunteer programs in December;  perhaps invite faculty to observe accomplishments.  Perhaps intergrating these events – and electronic portfolios – with the Excellence Expo and A&S Exhibition on one day. 

Proposed added sessions – First year experience forums might have been catered or at lunch.  Updates on big grants – Project Compass and Title III. 

Linkages of presentations with faculty retention, promotion, and tenure – professional development units?  Increased encouragement of faculty to participate in oncampus workshops and events.  Sabbatic leave presentations?  Research and creativity grant presentations?  Conference presentations – using these sessions to try out presentations for larger audiences.  Sharing information as part of the university culture.

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