SIFT 2010 Summer Projects – Community Gardens

Summer Institute for Future Teachers 2010

SIFTQuest projects on Studying Community Gardens in the United States


Northeast Southeast
Courtney–> Pennsylvania Gloria–> Alabama
Jen–> Maine Julia–> Florida
Aubrie–> Rhode Island Kathleen–> Georgia
Carlos–> Massachusetts Mariah–> South Carolina
Molly–> Vermont Brittany–> Arkansas
Mid Atlantic Mid West
Alex R–> Virginia Nicolett–> Oklahoma
Nicole–> North Carolina Tania–> Kansas
Kelly J–> New York Kelly P–> Ohio
Amanda–> New Jersey John–> Wisconsin
Becky–> Kentucky Barbara–> Minnesota
Northwest Southwest
Miles–> Washington Zach–> Utah
Chrisann–> Oregon Kaylee–> Texas
Renee–> Idaho Kyrstin–> Nevada
Niki–> Montana Kaitlyn–> New Mexico
Kiara–> California Heather–> Arizona
Mountain Region
Mitchell–> South Dakota
Yuli–> Colorado
Alex L–> North Dakota
Shannon–> Wyoming
Katelyn–> Hawaii

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