CT standardized test analyses

An Analysis of Standardized Test Score Statistics Using Microsoft Excel
Our task for this module on productivity tools and curriculum applications is to
explore available public data on school achievement and to analyze the
information using just Microsoft Excel and present it in a report using Microsoft
WORD and posted in your ePortfolio.
For some interesting statistics and analyses on the Connecticut Mastery Tests,
please visit http://solutions1.emetric.net/cmtpublic/
For the Connecticut Academic Performance Tests, please link to http://solutions1.emetric.net/captpublic/
Your task is to gather statistics from schools on school achievement on the
Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) and/or the Connecticut Academic Performance
Test (CAPT). Create an EXCEL spreadsheet with an initial worksheet with the
data collected, which would include a list of schools in column A and test scores
in other columns.
The test scores would be the dependent variables. I would recommend at least
10 schools for this pilot study, unless your research is focused on a topic that would lend itself to
another number.
After creating this list of test scores – which will probably take a lot of cutting and
pasting from the website to EXCEL – then please share your research questions
and your list of schools in the Threaded Discussion 4.
For credit for this assignment, participants would be expected to formulate
3 questions, use data to find answers to these questions, calculate using EXCEL
simple statistics like averages or finding percentages.  For enrichment, some might
consider exploring some midlevel analyses like correlations or ttests using EXCEL.
Post your 250-word report in your ePortfolio, including your spreadsheet, and paste the URL in the assignment folder.


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