LAP 130 video projects SP10

Video Projects on the Academic Services Center developed by

the Participants in SP 2010 LAP 130 – Leading Edge Educational Technology,

Dr. David Stoloff, instructor


1)    tutoring/learning center – interview with Kelsy –

developed by

Angela Carcio
Alexandra Targansky
Tulin Karasay
Zachary Blawie

2) learning specialists in the tutoring center – interview with Ed –


developed by
Matthew Hodgkins
Kelsie Walton
Erin Zenzie
Shelby Draughn

3) Mathematics Achievement Center – interview with Emma –

developed by

Casey Lenihan
Brianna Couture
Jaime Guzman
Rory Bedell

4) Advising Center – interview with Christine (click on film clip icon to download)


developed by
Adam Phelps
Meghan Zazuri
Taniah Callender
Brandi McGuinness

5) Writing Center – Interview with Ken –

developed by

Danielle Lamarre
Samantha Astolfi
Laura Wooley
Mallory Daley

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