expanding horizons form

Expanding Horizons Report Form

This form is designed as a record of a cultural event that you attended at Eastern CSU – for example, a University Hour presentation, a presentation at the Arts and Lecture series, a musical/cultural event, or a speaker on campus – that strengthened your studies, abilities to live in a diverse and technological enriched world, professional development, and/or liberal arts foundations.

Please copy this form and paste it onto a blog web page in your electronic portfolio.  Fill in the form, remove these instructions, and post it within your electronic portfolio.  Create an index page for all of these reports, each entitled with the name of the event, date, time, and place on the index page in the blog.  Share the index page’s URL, web address, with your instructor at mid-term and at the end of the colloquium. 

Title, date, time, and place of the event you attend.


Name ___________________________  Date _______________________

1)    Please summarize the event in a short essay of about 100 words.





2)    How does this event connect to your current studies? (at least 50 words)




3)      What value-added content did this event have on your education? (at least 50 words)

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