World Religions Information Form (WRIT)


1) Name of religion – how did it get the name?  When did the religion start?  Who started the religion? – provide some details on life of founder(s)

2) what is the geographic range of  religion? what language(s) are used in the  religion?

3) any holy books? – describe the literature

4) are there any divisions among the faithful?

5) do faithful form communities?, how & when do they meet?

6) describe a religious service.  Please include internet links to examples, if available.

7) what is the role of music, dance, art in the  religion?

8) describe the religious calendar.  What are the religion’s sacred times?

9) do the faithful have dietary restrictions?, other life-style restrictions?,  do the faithful have dress restrictions or distinctive clothing?, Is special jewelry or make-up worn? 

10) are there any special rituals at home?, grace at meals?, prayers?

10) how is the religion organized?, describe its leadership.

11) describe the nature of the sacred/divine in the religion.

12) describe the nature of the good & evil in the religion.

13) describe the nature of the good life & ethical behavior in the religion.

14) what is the nature of forgiveness in the religion?, forgiveness of self?, seeking and granting forgiveness from other individuals?, other peoples?

15) what is the range of political thought among believers?

16) what is the role of social activism  in the religion?

17) how does the religion provide outreach within the community?, to others?

18) what are the religious attitudes towards education?

19) describe the nature of the afterlife in the religion.

20) how does the religion envision the end of time?

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