Notes of Tier III presentation, 3/17, 12 – 12:50 pm, PDR

Notes for Tier III presentation, 3/17, 12 – 12:50 pm, PDR
prepared by David Stoloff,
Dr. Nanette Tummers invited participants to submit a proposal for a grant from the Liberal Arts Program Committee to develop Tier courses during Summer 2010.  The proposal is available at
All of Eastern CSU entering students are supposed to be issued live@edu email accounts as of Summer Orientation and Advisement and Registration during Summer 2010.  To see the tools within live@edu, one may obtain a free account by registration through .  
An example of an evolving ePortfolio using may be seen at
These notes are on the blog site at  
"Tier III Independent Inquiry                                                                             3 Credits

Students must have passed at least two Tier II courses prior to enrolling in a Tier III course.

As the culminating, integrative liberal arts experience, TIER III represents a critical component of the ECSU Liberal Arts curriculum.  TIER III affords students the opportunity to reflect on and apply knowledge and skills acquired in the first two tiers and in their major. Departments may recommend specific options for their majors to complete TIER III or allow students to choose from a variety of options within or outside the major.


Upon completion of this requirement students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to engage in independent inquiry;
  2. Apply current and critical thinking in a focused area of study;
  3. Reflect on the context of their independent inquiry or artistic creation; and
  4. Reflect on this work as an outcome of their liberal arts education."

The proposal form for a Tier III course is found at .

Models may be downloaded from
The provisionally accepted LAP 430 – Liberal Arts Capstone Colloquium may be found at
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